August 30, 2009

Jack and Lloyd,

Please accept my sincere gratitude for my 'hunt of a lifetime'!!

My August 2009 mountain goat hunt with you was everything I had hoped for, and I cannot thank you enough for working so hard to make my 'dream hunt' come true.  Also, Jack, thanks so much for being my guide and for helping me by always making sure I was doing okay.  You could have easily gone on ahead of me, but chose to walk with me at my pace to ensure my safety.  Lloyd, thanks for helping Jack prepare the cape and for carrying my pack up the mountain.

I truly feel blessed that everything 'came
together' such that I was able to harvest a
VERY NICE eight year old mountain goat
and I thank you for having confidence in my
ability to make the long range shot.

You have a fantastic lodge and I especially
appreciate the time and effort Crystal put in
our meals at the lodge.  She's a FANTASTIC
cook and she should think about assembling
a 'cook book' for her wonderful recipes.

You have a 'top shelf' hunting operation and I would not hesitate a moment to recommend your hunting operation to anyone looking for a mountain goat hunt!!

Please advise if I can ever be of assistance to you......

James D.
Cisco, Texas