A new country, a different game – this was my personal formula for hunting all over the world. Canada has been until 2005 a country I had never visited before. And the Black Bear was also on my list of wishes. Mainly as an African hunter it was a new challenge for me. Three years ago my wife, my son and me embarked in Vienna to go over Frankfurt and Vancouver to Smithers looking forward with interest to hunt at Babine Guides and Outfitter (Tukii Lodge).

As an Austrian hunter I am well acquainted with similar topographical and climate-conditiones like there. Nevertheless I was deep impressed of the picturesque landscape down by the Babine Lake. Tukii Lodge as a hunting area on both sides of the 160 km long lake is a natural highlight. I have never seen before mooses coming down in the early morning to the shores to be seen as dark shapes in the fog. The next surprise was the high density of Black Bears. All together best conditions for a successful hunt.

The hunt itself? To make a long story short: We got the two good sized bears on the second and the fourth hunting-day – thanks to the good circumstances and a well-skilled professional hunter and tracker. The ranges for the shoots were 100m and 170m and the .300 WinMag – a very useful calibre for this kind of hunt - did a good job. Two different preparations, a rug mount and a tube, drape now our trophy room in our house.

On my list of wishes there are two additional intentions concerning my hunting ambitions: Moose and Grizzly Bear at Babine Guides and Outfitter (Tukii Lodge). It is not necessary to change further on the country from hunt to hunt. Canada offers a wide range of hunters desires so we would appreciate to come again.

Rudolf K.