This is an unsolicited testimonial for individuals interested in a high quality hunting and/or fishing trip with Dave Hooper, Guide and Outfitter at Tukii Lodge on Babine Lake in British Columbia, Canada.

I am 66 years old and grew up hunting and fishing with my father.  For the past 31 years I have been going on guided hunts.  I have used guides in Washington, Idaho, Alberta and British Columbia.  I used to change guides every year or two until I began hunting with Dave Hooper 15 years ago.  During this time, I’ve hunted on the vast region that Dave and Marilyn Hooper and their sons, Lloyd and Jack, have under their jurisdiction.  I have hunted moose, goat, wolf, and bear and have been very successful.  I have shot trophy goats and certainly shot my share of large moose.  I have shot numerous grouse and caught a lot of fish.  I’ve even been out on a winter trap line hunt.   I’ve never been disappointed.

One of the unique opportunities about this part of British Columbia is that every year I get an opportunity to see more of the immense hunting area that is part of the Hooper’s licensed terrain.

Every hunt is a quality hunt and whether I am with our normal hunting party of four or six, we almost always fill our tags.  If we didn’t fill it was only because one of us either passed or missed.  All of the guides at Tukii Lodge are flexible and hard-working.  They know the area and the animals.  They go the extra mile from daylight until dark.  They also know how to adjust the hunts to the skills and abilities of their clients.

Marilyn Hooper makes sure there is plenty of great food, whether you are staying at the main lodge, out at Morrison Lake or at some other remote location within the region.  Even when you are out goat hunting with Jack or Lloyd you can rest assured you will be well taken care of throughout your hunt.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention the extra attention they give to your game.  The best example of this happened to me about seven years ago when my long time butcher retired and I had to take my meat 45 miles to a neighboring town to a butcher.  When we put the first quarter on the meat hook, the butcher looked at the meat and said it had been a few years since he had seen meat like this and then asked, “Did it come from Tukii Lodge?”  I told him yes, and he said, “There is no one I know that takes better care of the meat, it certainly makes my work a lot more enjoyable.”

So yes, I’ve been spoiled by the Hooper’s, while enjoying the beauty of the Babine’s, the companionship of great friends and hunting partners as well as seeing a lot of amazing wildlife.  If you are looking for a quality hunt you certainly won’t be disappointed with Tukii Lodge.  Every year I look forward to fall and another great hunt with the Hooper’s.  I no longer try different guides because when you have the best, why change?

Hopefully our paths will cross in the future at Tukii Lodge.

Brian L. Talbott