Moose hunts are run for approximately 10 weeks in the fall, starting in September and running into November, to cover both the rut and post rut seasons.  These 10 day hunts can be stationed out of the main lodge or any of our outpost camps.  Hunting from both boat and pick-up, these hunts have an extremely high success rate.

Black bear hunts are 6 days and run through both the spring and fall.  Accommodations for bear hunts are available from any of our camps.  Our clients are very successful with these hunts using the spot and stalk technique from pick-up and boat and glassing cut blocks.

Mountain goat hunts are 10 days and start in August.  Our territory boasts seven exceptionally bountiful mountains.  With the degree of difficulty for these hunts ranging from relatively easy to quite challenging we can accommodate hunters within a wide range of physical ability.

Wolf hunts and trapline trips are based from the main lodge and begin in December.  These hunts are a 6 day minimum with the option of purchasing extra days.  Hunters accompany their guide out on the trapline to set and check traps daily with the possibility of trapping wolf, lynx, wolverine, martin, otter, beaver, weasel, fox, and coyote.

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